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Registry Editor has been disabled by administrator

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"Registry Editor has been disabled by the administrator," I'm 90% sure that the user is exposed to this virus is not due ulah administrator.

For membetulkannya Nah, I was very easy:

1. From the command prompt.
2. Type the following command "C: \ reg delete HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Currentversion \ policies \ system / v DisableRegistryTools".
3. Answer "Yes" (be careful you do just a little mistake, taruhannya into your system and can result in fatal).
4. Surely it is already Registry Editor can be opened again.

other ways ..

@ echo off
rem 'By matcodet
rem '-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
reg add HKCU \ software \ microsoft \ windows \ currentversion \ policies \ system / v disableTaskMgr / reg_dword t / d 00000000 / f

when finished, save as to its origin extentionnya it's up to bat
ex: tes.bat

double click and hold on deh tes.bat a new file created earlier.
if also still ga kbuka, perhaps from friends that others have to help

smoga help

00000000 -> open a task for you in the registry to disable
00000001 -> back task for mendisablekan registry

can also group policy from its ...
I click Start - Run - type "gpedit.msc" (without quotation tnda) .--

window appears POLICY GROUP --
click any posts User Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - CTRL + ALT + DEL Optiondi in a folder CTRL + ALT + DEL Option
search any posts click remove task manager 2x created "not configured" aja klo gak ya "disable" I hope

can help;)

How to Shape with Pen Making Tools

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At this photoshop tutorial we will learn how to create a form of shape using Pen tool. Form that we created this will be the form of a vector, not a bitmap image. The difference between the bitmap vectors can read a tutorial on bitmap image.

To actually create the form of shape, we can use the entire set of shape tools (Rectangle tool, Rounded rectangle tool, to the custom shape tool). However, in this photoshop tutorial we will study is the creation of a shape drawn using the pen with its own tool. I like this.
How to create a form of shape with Pen tool in Photoshop

Step 1
Choose the Pen tool in the Photoshop tool box (illustrated tutorial on the image below my mark with red circle).

tools shape photoshop tutorial 1

And then on the option bar, click the icon Shape layers (see blue circle marked on the image above). On the right, check on the Geometry options (see green circle marks). The right option in the bar there are five more pieces icon (purple circle). On the fifth icon akan this step in my research to-3.

Step 2
Create a new file by choosing File menu> New. This file we will use to make a practice of shape, tailored to the size of the file to your needs.

Then using the Pen tool, Click on the new file. Each click will create an anchor point that will continue to follow the dots that you have to do next, to connect to a starting point.

tutorial photoshop shape tools 2

More information about the use Pen tool you can read the tutorial on Creating the Path Selection. In the tutorial will be how to create a shape up by using Pen tool. Good shape with straight lines and curved.
Also about the use of Direct selection tool, this tool can also be used to reset the current form of the shape is created.

Step 3
In the option bar of Shape Layers, the icon there are five (I mark with a purple circle on the image to step-1). Fifth icon is:

1. Create new shape layer
Used to create a new form of shape.
2. Add to shape area
Be used to increase the area in the shape of the existing shape.

tutorial photoshop shape tools 3
3. Substract from shape area
Used to reduce the area the existing shape.

tutorial photoshop shape tools 4
4. Intersect shape areas
Used to create a shape in the form of two or more of the shape overlapping each other.

tutorial photoshop shape tools 5
5. Exclude overlapping shape areas
Used to create the shape of the area outside the shape of the pile.

tutorial photoshop shape tools 6

Please note that to be able to use the no 2 to 5 above, we should be in vector mask thumbnail, not on its layer thumbnail. This can be selected on the layer palette, in the picture below I mark with a red circle.

tools shape photoshop tutorial 7

On the right side on the option bar, there is a icon to select a Style. This style can be used to style the layer directly in the form of a shape that is made.

tutorial photoshop shape tools 8

Please try to make a study of shape. This tool will be used in the next tutorial photoshop.

Inserting images into text

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Tutorial Photoshop effect any posts with this quite easily. May even have been a lot. This tutorial is deliberately susulkan to publish. Because this technique will be used also in future tutorials.

On this tutorial we will learn how to enter a photo / image into any posts or other objects.

Step 1
Open a file photo / image, or create a new file. The file size can be adjusted to your desire.

photoshop tutorial text effect 1

Goal is to make this step we have a file that is used for typing.

Step 2
In the file (step-1), make any posts with a use type tools. Try to select the type of letter that thick. For example, Arial Black, Impact.

photoshop tutorial text effects 2

Step 3
Open a file photo / image to put in writing. If the file is opened, slide file into a file using any posts with the Move tool. Furthermore, the Move tool, can be read here.

photoshop tutorial text effect 3

Step 4
Make sure the layer sequence of images such as the following:

photoshop tutorial text effect 4

Layer above the image itself, and any posts layer underneath.

If the layer's position is correct, make sure that the active layer is a layer image.

* Press the Ctrl + Alt + G, in Photoshop 7, or
* Select the menu Layer> Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl + G), in Photoshop CS, or
* Select the menu Layer> Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl + Alt + G), in Photoshop CS3.

Photos have been into writing. If necessary, you can add layer styles such as Bevel and Emboss or Drop Shadow.

Here is a picture of this photoshop tutorial that is so.

photoshop tutorial text effects 5

Selamat mencoba.